Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from Regionals

Just back from judging NWP Regionals and exhausted, so took the day off. I think I was on the panel for every final qualifying event, Juvenile through Senior, as well as some non-qualifying events. Yikes. Add to that Thursday's power outage and overseeing 4 trial and 2 practice judges and it was a long four days.

Tim is out of town anyway so I don't feel guilty for sleeping in today. We'll be back on the ice Wednesday. I am not judging Sectionals so now that my judging commitments are over until January I feel like it's time to dive in to our choreography.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So after 22 weeks, give or take a few days and seconds, we are back on the ice.

We aren't doing any lifts or spins yet and probably won't for some time. Tim's left leg is definitely weaker than it was and it will take some time to build it back up. He is not letting anything stop him though; he is pushing himself to skate as well as he can. There are times when I don't notice any difference at all; other times a momentary lapse reminds me he's not 100% yet.

Other than stamina which we are both lacking, we didn't lose many of the qualities we worked so hard for last year. Parts of our Starlight actually seem better than they were. The Paso seems like a much better dance for us than the Blues. We are able to work things out and fix them more quickly already this year than we did last year.

However, the momentum and enthusiasm aren't the same. We don't joke around on the ice much or talk about anything other than skating. It's all business as we try to get back into training, adjust to getting up early again, try to work out choregraphy and learn a new compulsory dance. We didn't have a week in Sun Valley or the summer working on dances just for fun to ease us in to the new season with enjoyment. We have some new scheduling and coaching challenges. Neither of us want skating to be our entire life this year and that changes the atmosphere.

Honestly, I don't yet know what to think of this season although I am very happy that it has started.