Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lost in Oak Brook

Finally, here we are in the Chicago 'burbs. Without the GPS system I think I might get lost, even though I've driven to the rink and back to the hotel several times now.

We arrived yesterday and practiced, then practiced again at noon or so today. After a half hour Tim did not look well. He has been fighting the flu. The good news - his hip is not bothering him. The cortisone shot seems to have worked. The bad news - he is really tired and sick. He is drinking pedialyte because he is so dehydrated. We just barely made it through the second practice. I skated a practice tonight by myself just to check out the other rink while Tim slept.

I am starting to cough but I'm ignoring it. I must get through the end of the week without being sick because really we need at least one of us healthy.

I think we will both be happy just to stay vertical during our dances now. This has become an endurance test and not a skating competition for us.

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