Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some day we'll remember this and laugh ...

Laughing with Paul Harvath (above)

We had only one 20 minute practice today in the evening, so we spent the day coming off last night's high, resting, hydrating, stretching, etc. We got to the rink and were horrified to find that Tim had left his hard guards on, and that his blades had rusted! In last night's excitement he simply forgot to wipe them off and put on the soft guards.

We panicked a little but he tried them on the ice and didn't feel anything. Our practice was a bit shaky but I think we were just reacting to the stress of the rust. Tim said he felt a bit of pain in his hip as well. I was coughing at the end of the program due to the residual effects of the cold, but we did make it through a decent run-through. We just need to get through tomorrow, please please please.

Coach Anthony gave us kudos tonight regarding how far we'd come, saying I should be happy to have a partner who just keeps going through all kinds of adversity (I am) and that Tim should appreciate that I've been his anchor through the entire season.

Now it's time to get some sleep.

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