Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two year skateiversary

Today is the two-year anniversary of when we first had our partner tryout. To mark this momentous occasion, Tim is having a pesky wisdom tooth pulled and so he will miss practice. As today is my birthday I was happy to oblige his dental needs by sleeping in.

Nobody has yet guessed our music, probably because nobody ever reads this blog. However, just in case, here is today's music hint: Our music was the first single ever released by this band, in 1973.


Suzee Sk8er said...

Terri - Happy BD! My step daughter shares the same BD - she is 24. Don't you wish you had that step on the ladder again? Happy Anniversary to you 2 as well - I am still waiting for a partner to fall out of the sky onto the ice!

Good luck at AN - I will be watching every ice dance moment from my comfy office chair here in CA.

P.S. I see John Dowding every Tuesday in Belmont, CA when I take my lesson with Peter Sasmore. I love to watch him and his students do the Gold Dances - one of these days! (sigh)

Susan V.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan -
We won't be going to AN this year - Tim and I will be watching from comfy chairs as well. Next year!

Gordon said...

Happy belated bday! congrats!

marilu said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are an awesome team and I really look forward to watching you in 2009. Happy Birthday as well. What a day for you to celebrate!

Could your music be "Freebird"? I think not. I do read your blog, but obviously not frequently enough. I'm going to read on for more music hints!