Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Circular Footwork

Shocking progress made today on the circular footwork despite me being in an utterly foul mood. No, you don’t understand what that means unless you are my partner who has to put up with me. Perry knows of course. I am sometimes not pleasant to be around. Oh yeah, and I know it, and I don’t like it either. But today a host of things including the bathroom remodel that never ends, a work situation, another work situation, and lack of sleep all conspired. So here is my public apology and now on to how the situation improved.

So after agreeing that all of our warmup exercises stink and will never get any better (this was me agreeing with myself and Tim just hoping it would all pass soon), we moved on to the circular footwork we learned on Monday. It is difficult, full of rockers and counters and twizzles and power pulls and Choctaws and strange dance holds and places where we are on one foot for so long it seems like a run-on sentence and we don’t even get to push.

At first my bad mood continued as we trudged along trying to remember it all. I kicked my own stupid self in the shin with my blade only once (hardly any blood, I found later). After two sessions worth of my bad mood getting a bit worse followed by a bit better, we put on the music and amazingly enough we got through it multiple times with (I’ll admit minimal) flow, mostly in time to the music and it even made a full circle. Wow. What a great day’s work. From hopeless to almost having fun in one morning. Another reason to love ice dancing.

(Drat, now I can’t even pretend that I’m still in a bad mood.)

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