Thursday, September 4, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another

We did not skate as planned yesterday as Tim was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Not his fault, and he walked away with no major injuries, but he is suffering from whiplash and hurting today. We are going to wait a couple of days to skate. I am extremely glad that he is OK.

Between injuries, family issues, and accidents, it has been a challenging week or two. I have not skated and thus I am able to walk. It's an interesting tradeoff. I feel like going to the rink but then I get anxious about what will happen on the pain scale if I do. In some ways I'm in denial because if I don't skate, I feel almost normal. But really, what good is feeling normal if I can't skate? It's a paradox. You know, the place where you keep two boats.

I hear all of you groaning. You've just been subjected to one of the two jokes that I have made up in my lifetime. The other one is, "It's a paradigm -- you know, 20 cents!" There you go, a pair o' jokes.

Obviously comedy is not my thing. Signing off now, for obvious reasons.


Gordon said...

Hey Terri!

What's this:


Why it's..


A parody(s)!


TnT said...

Gordon, should we go to "open mic night" at the comedy club? I think this act would be a hit.

We could start by telling the audience we are there to "Annoy-ya," and since there are two of us it would be "Paranoia."

OK, this has to end right now!