Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moves and More

I have been doing the Tuesday night Lloyd Center group MITF class taught by Coach R. Last night was all twizzles - strangely similar to the twizzles I need for the Austrian Waltz. Perhaps this is a harmonic convergence? Most of the other skaters in the class are not ice dancers. There is a nice range of ability in the class, mostly adults, some beginners but mostly advanced beginners, then me (I don't know how to categorize myself). Coach R does a great job giving everyone something challenging for their level. I love the class because I don't have to worry about kids in the way or moving for kids who are jumping while practicing moves.

So I am going to get up early on Friday and have a private MITF lesson with Coach R. I'm not sure if I should just work on skills I may need for dance (mostly Junior MITF) or work on Novice so that I can test it some day. I guess we'll see. I am looking forward to a lesson from a non-dance coach.

It is now 16 weeks sans partner (not that I'm keeping track or anything). Hard to watch other teams picking music and working on choreography. I shouldn't complain, at least I'm able to skate. This has recently become a blog about me and my own skating vs. the team of Tim and Terri, but it does help keep me motivated when I write about it.

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