Monday, February 25, 2008

T is for Twizzle

Tim and I were talking today about how lucky he is that twizzles came easy for him on the ice. Right now I love doing our mirror synchronized twizzles more than anything else. They really are 5 revolutions with one arm over our heads, and we do them pretty consistently. As a team we do about 4 tries out of 5 that are good. If we mess up it's usually one of us putting our foot down but we're trying to keep going no matter what. My goal is to get more than a level 1 on these twizzles along with (I hope) a positive GOE.

Other free dance elements are coming along. Our spread eagle lift has become easy and now we just need to add speed. Our spin is so much better than last year since we have a good entry method - we have speed and revolutions, now just need a good-looking position. We have played with several other lifts for our second lift and we'll see what comes out of that.

Footwork? That will probably be the most difficult element since we have never done a footwork sequence in a dance hold. Last year we did midline no touch which probably won't be allowed in the future for adults. We're working on rockers and counters so that we can have clean recognizable turns in our footwork sequence. I wish that were as easy as synchronized twizzles~!

Now if only we had some music. The search continues.

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