Tuesday, March 4, 2008

T is for Tango

I feel as if our 2009 season has now officially begun. I know what you are saying ... the 2008 season is still in progress ... but for us it's all about 2009. Tim passed his silver tango yesterday in Seattle - all three judges passed him, two of them giving him marks above the passing average. This means we are on our way to qualifying for the gold event in 2009. Now he just needs to test his rocker and starlight. Fourteen tests down, two to go. Sometimes I wish I had not finished my gold dances so we could just skate silver, but then again, who am I kidding?

We realized how spoiled we are to skate in a warm mall rink. I am always in a tank top or short sleeves within 5 minutes of getting on the ice at our home ice. In Seattle, Tim tested in his heavy fleece jacket and I almost did too, but took it off at the last minute. He had a hat on until the last minute! It was freezing, or maybe we've become wimps. The ice was fast and the people friendly so that almost made up for the chill.

In other news, we listened to our proposed music on the better sound system in Seattle and liked it much better than we do at home. We realized that the LC sound system muffles the bass line of the music (which is where the beat is). With a good system it sounded great. So assuming our coach agrees, we have music.

(However, if I tell you what it is I'd have to kill you.)

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Lisa Hoberg said...

Congratulations to Tim on the pass on the Tango - will look forward to seeing the Rocker and Starlight sometime in the future! (What about the Blues?)