Monday, March 17, 2008

"Guess Our Music" Contest

Today we started our choreography for 2009. We have about 18 seconds done by my stopwatch. Yay! Considering that we know by the time we compete this it will have morphed into something else, the term "getting started" is really all relative.

Coach K seemed to really capture our style from the very beginning and I am very happy with our coach/choreographer choice. He talked about the key to the music being speed and flow across the ice, and that we need flowing arms and that my fingers have to look nice. Um, OK, I guess it's back to ballet then so that I avoid "the claw."

I really like the first 18 seconds. I won't describe them in detail, but there's quite a lot going on, mostly to gain speed. It is different not to do our own choreography but I know we'll put our own stamp on whatever we end up with.

I doubt anyone would guess that we would actually pick this music, but when I brought it up with trepidation to Tim he practically screamed "I love that song" and we knew that it was meant to be. In a bizarre and amazing twist, our coach actually liked it too. Perry is starting to hate it though since he's heard it over and over and over and ... over.

No fair cheating by coming to the rink to see what we're up to! Those who skate with us are of course prohibited from guessing.

Today's music hint: Our costumes may include lighters held aloft at the end of the program.

1 comment:

Gordon said...

Cheap Trick's "The Flame"?

I've not seen you skate in a while so I don't feel disqualified (yet)!