Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday ...

Perry sez ... Steven Tyler turns 60 today. (Yes, that was a music hint.)

Since Tim is out of town the next couple of days we can do the weekly recap now. We discussed how much we've accomplished this past week - we now have intros to both of our compulsory dances, we've made some fixes on the Viennese end pattern and significant fixes to the Samba.

I cut out the pattern for my samba dress (but still don't have fabric - sewing is coming along slower than skating).

Tim and I are each taking MITF lessons with Ruth separately to work on our individual skating skills. This is invaluable for us as a team.

We've enjoyed having our friends Julia and Jordan training with us - it's motivating and inspirational to have another adult dance team on the ice. They've made great progress in a very short period time. We've also seen Marilu in the morning working on her Argentine Tango for test. She'll have her gold medal in no time.

All in all, a good week for ice dancing in PDX and we're happy with what we've accomplished.

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marilu said...

I have now figured out what your music is but realize I may be disqualified from guessing?