Friday, March 28, 2008

A rounding error?

My math skills were recently called into question when I exclaimed publicly that we only had 9.5 weeks until Lake Placid. Now, any fool with a calendar can tell you that it's more than that since LP doesn't occur until the very end of July and it's still March. I blamed this calculation error on the IJS rounding algorithm, of course.

But please, nobody tell Tim. He was so freaked out by my announcement that he started working harder than ever so that we'd be "ready in time" (not that he doesn't already work hard, geez). Believe me, I wasn't plotting for this to happen or anything, I simply had a senior moment. But if it kicks us in the butt and makes us work harder, I'm all for it. Who knows, with all of this extra time we might actually have something that looks like a free dance ready for public humiliation -- I mean, critique -- by July.

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