Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come on baby, let's do the ...

There are no good excuses in skating. "My ribs hurt" is no excuse not to practice. After all, I'm not getting any younger so none of this will ever get any easier. So today I went to the rink and found that I had very little pain as long as I didn't twist my upper body or breathe hard. So I reviewed my last lesson notes from Thursday with Coach R:

Jr Moves Rockers - Don't forget to twist
Jr Moves Choctaws - TWIST MORE!
Back Loops - Twist upper body as you sink into loop
Counters - Twwwwwwiiiiissssstttt

Etc., etc.

Stroking, I could do that. Standing by the rail, I could do that too. Talking to my friends would have been smashing but I was the only one on the ice. So after much warmup stroking I got bored and grit my teeth and worked on rockers, choctaws, back loops and counters, twisting a little bit but not a lot.

I ended the session doing twizzles - very little twisting required so these were the only decent thing I did all session. It was a good learning experience though. I realize just how right my coach is. Clearly twisting is the key to good skating, and I vow to work on it just as soon as I can do so without major pain killers.

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I came back from my icedance weekend with black and blue shins and a 3 inch gash on my upper thigh. Ice dancing is definitely a contact sport! I hope you heal quickly!