Monday, May 19, 2008

Lake Placid Countdown

Tim returned from vacation and hit the ice running today, with newly repaired boots and sharpened (no comment) (geez it's about time) (that wasn't a comment, it was me giving him a hard time) blades.

My ribs are still sore, but this is no time for whining. I read that it takes 6 weeks for bruised ribs to heal and the only thing that will help is "rest". So I will be sure to get 8 hours of sleep each night, but I am not going to stop skating just because of sore ribs.

(Special thanks to Carl who has given me a fantastic new nickname: "Rib Girl." Carl, I can always count on you.)

We had a great practice. We are concentrating on the compulsories for Lake Placid which is (pause while I consult calendar) 10.5 weeks away. I think if we had to compete these tomorrow we'd get through them, probably with some timing issues, but we'd be vertical at the end. In 10 weeks I think we'll not embarrass ourselves. Our goal is to stay on time, express the dances, and get some really brutal feedback from the judges which will drive us to work harder when we get home.

My biggest challenge now is figuring out what to wear since it will have to be appropriate for two dances -- Samba and Viennese! Could two dances be more different? We are probably going to be the only team in the event so we won't have time for a costume change. Samba calls for something neon and revealing. Viennese calls for something pastel and flowing. Anything in between would be just plain wrong for both. Any costume advice from the peanut gallery will be carefully considered and possibly ridiculed so fire away!


Susan said...

Terri - try a jacket that has a spanish/carnival theme, and accent with crystals. Put this over a dress that is for the Waltz. (Not sure what dance would be first) Or try a black jacket with some neon colors maybe? If Tim is wearing black, (men have it soo easy on the wardrobe!) then you can have similar/matching jackets? He can then put on a tux or suit jacket, while you take yours off to reveal a flowing dress appropriate for the Viennese....

Anyway - that is my best idea from here in the pitts. Hope you have fun, regardless!

TnT said...

I am not big on skating in jackets although I've considered it. For Samba the look is usually "bare" and I would feel better expressing a Samba if I weren't bundled up in a jacket. Our intro and the dance incorporate a lot of upper body movements which might be difficult in a jacket. I'd really like to have bare arms.

I did find what I considered the perfect dress for both but Tim did not like it ... the search continues.