Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roller Derby on Ice

This morning our friends and fellow dancers Julia and Jordan joined us on the ice for the first time since Nationals. All of us were working on the same compulsory dances for next year which really makes it more fun. You would think with just 2 dance teams plus 1 other person on the ice we would manage to stay out of each other's way, but no, within about 5 minutes we ran right into them - as we were doing our samba intro and they were doing the dance proper. Definitely our bad as we should have seen them coming but, too late, we smashed right into them. They were gracious about it even though they had the right to call us some choice names. This is not the right way to welcome your friends back to the rink folks.

Fair is fair, so not long after that we took a fall on the Viennese, all on our own. Later we saw the other team sitting on the ice (not sure what they had been working on, but they were laughing). Who says that dance is not athletic or difficult? Who says dancers aren't tough??? Watch out everyone, based on today's carnage I'd say that these two teams are off to a very good start.

(But as Jordan pointed out to us, we only have 11 months left until Nationals! The time, it flies.)


carl.nelson said...

Now this is a great blog! Informitive, funny, quirky!
Boy I can't wait to start working on the Samba!!! 11 months! Yikes!

TnT said...

Like I said, I can always count on you Carl!