Friday, May 9, 2008

Lake Placid Squared

Tim and I missed going to Lake Placid for Adult Nationals, but that won't stop me from going there this year --- twice. We are skating in the Dance Championships in August when it is warm and lovely, and I am also judging Junior Nationals in December, when it is cold and snowy. So I will get to see two different seasons worth of the best upstate New York has to offer.

Lake Placid is famously difficult to get to. In August we are flying into Burlington, VT, renting a car, and taking the ferry across Lake Champlain. In December I will fly wherever they tell me to, probably Albany, since the local organizing committee will be making the arrangements and picking me up and shuttling me wherever I need to go, which is basically the rink, the hotel, and the other rink. Oh yeah, and the bar.

I guess I will accrue some frequent flyer miles which should come in handy if I ever get to travel somewhere non-skating related. (Hahahahahahahaha. That's the sound of Perry laughing.) But enough travel talk. I'm boring even myself.

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