Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skate Blogs

They are everywhere, and many are really good - well written, funny, informative, and appealing to the eye. I have friends who skate 'n blog (Lisa, Gordon, Angela, Julia). Lately I've been reading a few others, blogged by folks I don't even know.

People evidently spend a lot of time on these blogs. They are very professional looking and the posts are sometimes more like articles, well researched and containing links and graphics. They also seem to have a large and loyal reader base, as shown by the number of comments posted. My readership is much smaller; my dance partner doesn't even read this blog. Of course, he gets enough of my witty repartee on the ice.

Obviously I'm not in the "big league" blog world, as my blog is admittedly kind of ugly. Really, it could have been designed by a 4-year-old, although I am proud of the "Dynamite" logo. (You know, Tim & Terri, T 'n' T, Dynamite ... OK, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) I dash off my posts during the lull between skating and showering most days, and I don't really post about anything important. For crying out loud, I can't even get the "upload video" feature to work correctly, meaning that I've e-mailed the video clip of Tim's Tango Test to a couple of you who were nice enough to ask about it. Now that's technology at its finest.

Perhaps I'll get more blog savvy as time goes by. Meanwhile, I hope that you, my loyal readers (both of you), will enjoy these uber blogs via the "links" section.


Bob said...

Terri - you underestimate your blog. It's by far the best thing to do in a hotel in Rapid City. Tim's test video worked, and looked very nice. Good to hear you are secure in your partnership.

3 said...

You have more readers than you think! I check in regularly, though this is my first comment.


TnT said...

Bob - Well, I have never been to Rapid City but somehow I believe that there isn't much to do there. And I realize that I had better add 3turn's blog to the links section since I also check in there on occasion (and I have tried to guess the identity of "David Bowie" to no avail but he sounds like one terrific coach).

Thanks for reading! Terri

Lisa Hoberg said...

Have you checked out your visitor-ship on google analytics?

Gordon said...

Thanks for the plug! I enjoy your blog though... it's more entertaining than mine, that's for sure!