Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flooding in the heartland

The waters are now receding in Indiana, but 10" of nonstop rain caused flooding and other misery across the midwest.

Here we are after getting caught in some of that rain:

We look a bit demonic. (Perhaps this is the true meaning of "redeye.") This was also after Tim lost his shoes. Although eventually we did find them.

By Saturday afternoon the weather was sunny and beautiful. In downtown Indianapolis, you'd never know that devastating rains had just ended.

More pictures to come soon, I promise. I just want every dancer at the silver level or above reading this blog to think about coming to Indy next year. This is always the best learning experience and the coaches are OUTSTANDING. By the end of the weekend we could get through the Ravensburger -- kind of --- slowly. But we know how to do it and can work on it. Our Samba and Viennese (the latter not covered at the clinic but due to our private lesson) are much improved. I had a blast doing the Cha Cha which I really love to solo. And, Tim changed his opinion of the Midnight Blues -- very difficult but fun.

The ratio of men to women who knew the Ravensburger was about 2:1, which was a nice surprise and meant that I, who really didn't know what I was doing, got to partner a whole bunch of unsuspecting men through the Ravensburger twizzles (while they worked on those tricky chasses). Somehow I managed to stay on my feet through all that, although I almost plowed into a group of young ladies by the boards while soloing the Cha Cha Congelado later on. Luckily it only looked dangerous and we all remained vertical.

When asked why I hadn't tested any internationals yet, I commented that I am waiting 4 more years so I can take them Masters. That didn't go over very well with Sandy. The real reason of course is because I'm incredibly lazy! But perhaps, if I can ever find any spare time at all, and if I can find someone willing to take me through, I'll test the Samba and Cha Cha one of these days as I keep promising. Somebody please make me do it this time.

Stay tuned for pictures.

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