Monday, June 9, 2008

Our new gig - pairs

Here we are, breaking all the dance lift rules.

Two patterns of our Viennese Waltz, right on top of the other. Yee haw!

Lesson with Sandy.

Donny, Justin, Eileen. {The following is a public service announcement:} Justin is a great skater looking for a partner; ladies, feel free to contact me if you live in or near Colorado Springs and can skate/are willing to learn international dances.

Ravensburger Waltz Injury Log:
(Who says the Rave is more difficult for the lady?)
Tim - Kicked in the shin with toe pick during Terri's FI 3 turn
Tim - Hit in the face with elbow during Terri's RBO twizzle
Tim - Hit in the face with ponytail several times during Terri's RFI twizzle
Terri - Acquired hangnail while lacing skates

(Thanks to Bob Raemer for the great photos.)

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